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The greens are watered by a nutrient-filled mist, and LED lamps provide both light and pest control. Philips’s 7′ by 10″ aeroponic unit, which will be tended to by the students, can generate 20 pounds of produce for each harvest.

Eventually, produce grown in the unit will go into school lunches. Philips aeroponics initiative is not the only urban farming movement in the Newark Area. Philips itself already has a 4,500 square foot rooftop garden, a teaching kitchen, and a composting system.

The farm remains somewhat in use as a home for a mini-horses, but the milking barn and other decades-old farm structures that once defined Triangle Farm now go largely unused.

As part of new grant initiative to ensure that farms with rich history — like Triangle Farm — are not forgotten, local cultural landscape historian Janet L.

Sheridan explained that working farms are surprisingly poorly documented as architectural and cultural artifacts in state and county records, so there is a need to develop this type of documentation.

Additionally, historic buildings associated with farming are rapidly disappearing from the landscape.

Two special kinds of awards are also presented each year at the convention: Distinguished Service and Outstanding Young Farmer.And the acres and acres of rolling hills, green dells, fenced pastures, and farm fields — and occasionally some barns and a few farmhouses on Chard’s property and on the holdings of his adjacent neighbors — have created a kind of mini “farm belt” in this Salem County municipality near Woodstown.And that farm status will continue: Chard and his neighbors all have sold their property-development rights as a means of perpetually preserving their land for private ownership and agricultural use.Base geographic location to find other singles in looking for an honest, sincere individual that is deemed to public.

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