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03-Sep-2017 14:13

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In PWA, project task list status updates are one-way and only occur from the Share Point project task list to PWA.For information about PWA functionality improvements in Project Server 2010 Service Pack 1, see the Microsoft Project 2010 blog post, Announcing Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Project and Project Server 2010 ( For information about how to apply Project Server 2010 Service Pack 1, see Deploy Service Pack 1 for Project Server 2010. That guide describes tasks that are involved with administering Project Server 2010.Please say what you think about the quality of this content.If this does not meet your needs, let us know how to we can improve it.Summary: The first article in a series of eight articles about how to use Microsoft Project Web App to work with Microsoft Project Server 2010 data and to perform project management-related tasks.Applies to: Microsoft Project Server 2010 | Microsoft Project Web App The content of this guide is available two ways: Send your feedback ([email protected]).This table compares the Web-based project management capabilities of Project Web App in Project Server 2010 with those same capabilities in Project Professional 2010.

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In Microsoft Project Server 2010, PWA has new functionality that previously had only been available in Microsoft Project Professional.CRITICAL PATH METHOD A critical path is the longest path in a network diagram.