Trigger updating same table sql server

30-Jan-2018 19:02

A) Using DML Triggers: DML triggers are invoked when any DML commands like INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE happen on the data of a table and or view.

For example, if we have a foreign key constraint on a table that ensures referential integrity and a trigger that that does some validation on that same foreign key column then the trigger validation will only execute if the foreign key validation is successful. See the result in below figure Now let us look at an example that applies to server-level events. Let us create a trigger which prevents changes to the server logins.

Syntax Specify the name of the trigger to be created.

If a trigger produces compilation errors, then it is still created, but it fails on execution.

You can subsequently disable and enable a trigger with the If the trigger issues SQL statements or calls procedures or functions, then the owner of the trigger must have the privileges necessary to perform these operations.

These privileges must be granted directly to the owner rather than acquired through roles.

They include tightening down server access, adopting a reliable source control system, and implementing a rigorous and well-documented deployment process.

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